Whistle-blower X. (X-v-France.com)
I am a whistleblower. I am accusing McDonald’s Corporation and its subsidiary companies of aggravated fraud.

About Europe-v-McDonalds.org

I am accusing the fast-food chain McDonald’s Corporation of having committed aggravated fraud in Europe, in France in particular. It is one of the biggest fraud in history.

I intend to ask for witness/whistleblower protection.

Tens of millions of consumers have been defrauded over the years. In addition to the aggravated frauds McDonald’s knowingly and repeatedly committed in France, I believe additional violations of the law occured in other countries of the European Union.

By repeatedly committing aggravated fraud over the years, McDonald’s has greatly undermined competition.

I intend to ask various officials and institutions of the European Union to launch a criminal investigation into this matter.

List of E.U. institutions to contact:

“Corruption creates business uncertainty, lowers investment levels and prevents the single market from operating smoothly. Most relevantly, it undermines trust in governments, public institutions and democracy in general.”


Council of Europe Directorate General.

UN Office on Drugs & Crime.

UN Anti-Money Laundering.



https://twitter.com/CEPEJ_CoE “Official account of the European Commission for the Efficiency of #Justice | Compte officiel de la Commission européenne pour l’efficacité de la justice #coe”

Check this document: Eleventh United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (saved as “WP on item 6 V0581301 in English.doc”)


To put on Etats-Unis.eu: Judicial Watch.

I will try to publish more information soon.

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